Girl with a Pearl Earring

I think she has the most beautiful face.


A Strange Little Dream Story (and The Aftermath)

I have terribly vivid dreams, especially when I am sick or have taken medicine before bed. The night before last, I woke up in a daze and could still remember parts of my dream. At the time, I thought it was a super-fantastic dream with a lot of cosmic meaning, so I wrote it down.… Continue reading A Strange Little Dream Story (and The Aftermath)

Textile Art

The Turkish Teapot Pillowcase

When I was in Turkey last year, I bought an adorable little blue-green teapot with decorative flowers and such all over it. So I decided to put it on a pillowcase. (I had found a bunch of super-cheap pillowcases at Auchan (our Walmart) for 2 zł/60 cents each.) The body of the teapot is padded… Continue reading The Turkish Teapot Pillowcase

Fairy Tales

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

One of my favorite fairy tales is East of the Sun, West of the Moon*. This is a slightly less well-known story, but it shares themes with Beauty and the Beast and Cupid and Psyche. A peasant girl goes to live with a polar bear in his enchanted castle, in exchange for making her family wealthy. She has… Continue reading East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Fairy Tales

Sleeping Beauty

XXXII   Thus whispering, his warm, unnerved arm Sank in her pillow. Shaded was her dream By the dusk curtains: --'twas a midnight charm Impossible to melt as an iced stream: The lustrous salvers in the moonlight gleam; Broad fringe upon the carpet lies: It seem'd he never, never could redeem From such a steadfast… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty