Hawaiian pitcher and a Tibetan teapot

Hawaiian pitcher, Tibetan teapot

This is a new drawing challenge I thought up a few days ago. I have four old peanut butter jars, each filled with a certain category of objects or adjectives on slips of paper–right now colors, countries/cultures, decorations (tassels, silk, coins, feathers, etc.), and items. So I pick one slip from each jar, and then have to draw whatever it is. I have run into some design problems, though–the teapot was supposed to have fringe on it, and the pitcher was supposed to have metal. But there is no metal native to Hawaii, and fringe on a teapot is just plain silly. I also picked one I didn’t even attempt–Magenta Swiss Shorts with Feathers.

The turtle is a symbol of good luck and long life in Hawaii, and it is a popular tattoo design. Peridots are one of the few gems that are found in Hawaii. On the pitcher, there is one peridot inlaid in the center of the turtle’s back. The other dots are green paint.

Most examples of Tibetan teapots that I found were not purple or violet at all, but rather silver and red and blue, just like most Tibetan jewelry. I tried to incorporate those colors on this teapot, with a gradient of small to large silver scales on the body, and silver bands on the lid, spout, and handle.



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