Ukrainian corset and an Ottoman shirt (and a towel)

Ukrainian corset, Ottoman shirt

[This is a new drawing challenge game. You take random descriptive words from old jars and draw whatever they say, for example “Magenta Swiss Shorts.”]

This is the second day’s result from my new “Pick Random Words from the Peanut Butter Jars and DRAW” game. This exercise is really quite harder than you’d think. For the first one, I got “Chocolate Ukrainian Corset” which I thought would be no problem, because there are folk costumes all over Europe with corsets/vests, so Ukraine must have them too, right? Wrong. The folk costumes mostly consist of coats and longer caftan-like tops. So I had to look harder to make this thing Ukrainian. Luckily, pysanky (decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs) have plenty of amazing patterns on them suitably adaptable for textiles. So I found a nice egg with a wheat design on it.

The second item, “Spring Green Bolivian Towel” kinda explains itself. I’m not too proud of it–it de-snazzifies the rest of the page, and beautiful Bolivian weaving is better off without a terrycloth towel hitching a ride!

The third one, an Aquamarine Ottoman Shirt with shell trim, is similar in inspiration to the Ukrainian corset. Designing an Ottoman shirt was hard because Ottoman women didn’t wear shirts! No actually, they did, only they were usually part of long drapey dresses. So I took the design of the shirt from an Indian choli, and decorated it with patterns found on Ottoman (and modern Turkish) ceramics. I imagine this shirt in a thick silk satin or cotton/silk blend with appliqued flowers and embroidered stems. The top opens in front with a row of buttons and loops. The beaded shell trim is a bit of a stretch–I don’t know if I’d actually ever put that on a shirt, since it would be very delicate. But Istanbul (the coolest city on the planet, by the way) is on the sea, so it could be appropriate.


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