Algerian apron and a Georgian vest

designs for loosely inspired Algerian apron and Georgian vest

[This is a new drawing challenge game. You take random descriptive words from old jars and draw whatever they say, for example “Magenta Swiss Shorts.”]

“Algerian apron” was also a challenge to draw something that traditionally doesn’t exist. Algerian women wear a loose-fitting head covering/cape/dress called a haik with pants underneath, aprons nowhere to be seen. So I once again turned to ceramics for decoration–this time Berber. The colors of the design are from the Algerian flag–green, red, and white. The apron has a long tie on one side that wraps around the body and joins the other at the side front, so the beaded tassels are visible.

Georgian clothing is gorgeous. The women’s dresses resemble princess gowns, with long double sleeves and elegant skirts. But vests don’t have sleeves (my favorite part)! Darn. The design elements that I did borrow from Georgian dress is the low sweeping neckline that meets at the waist and flares out again; a pleated back as seen on this Georgian coat by Samoseli Pirveli (minute 1:98), and applique decoration similar to that on these Ossetian women’s dresses (about halfway down the page, in white.) The other two requirements imposed upon me by the peanut-butter jars were the color jade and the use of fur. Well, if you take a look at the page linked above, you will see that aside from some sheep fleece used on men’s hats, there is no fur (unlike in these Polish nobles’ costumes). So I added a simple band of marten fur around the collar. Completing the outfit, there is a belt (either attached or removable) of silver, set with carnelians.


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