Dziwa from Stara Baśń

Marina Aleksandrova
Marina Aleksandrova

Whenever we go to the grocery store, we always fish around in those big tubs of discount movies. If there’s something good under 10 zł (about $3), we buy it. Stara Baśń was one such film. Polish historical action fantasy? Sounds good to me!

I tried to watch it. Being cool, I tried to watch it in Polish. It’s, well, very archaic, very bloody (apparently someone gets eaten by mice), and for me, the actress playing Dziwa was way more beautiful than the film was interesting. So I paused the movie and drew her, and never got back to finishing the movie.

It is drawn on normal paper with colored pencils and blue and black pen.

Dziwa = /gee va/ Stara Baśń = /sta ra bashñ/ (ñ as in español)



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