Textile Art

The Turkish Teapot Pillowcase

delphina rose | by Rebecca Elam
The Turkish Teapot, 2014. Padded cotton batik applique, silk embroidery, and beading.

When I was in Turkey last year, I bought an adorable little blue-green teapot with decorative flowers and such all over it. So I decided to put it on a pillowcase. (I had found a bunch of super-cheap pillowcases at Auchan (our Walmart) for 2 zł/60 cents each.)

The body of the teapot is padded with 2-3 layers of white cotton batting (like the inside of a quilt) to help it stand out a bit. I didn’t use a hoop on this project; to help the main fabric stay flat while I was appliqueing, I instead pinned a piece of paper between the two layers of pillowcase. That way, my applique needle could go all the way through the front fabric, while avoiding catching the back, and of course paper doesn’t stretch. I felt quite the genius for coming up with that!

delphina rose | by Rebecca Elam
çay /chai/ means “tea” in Turkish.

My teapot is actually dark indigo and blue-green, but I didn’t have that color fabric on hand. All of the materials (excepting the pillowcase itself) were from my stash, so it was really cheap to make. The embroidery stitches used are stem stitch, french knots, and lazy daisies. (Maybe whipped backstitch too. I don’t remember.)

delphina rose | by Rebecca Elam
Around the teapot I appliqued tulips, since they are Turkey’s national flower.
delphina rose | by Rebecca Elam
This was actually a very fast project to complete–2 days total I think–because applique is very fast work (especially compared to embroidery).

(Click the pictures to enlarge.)


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