Textile Art

Ave Maris Stella: 18 hours

After 18 hours of work (first 12 hours here.)

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

(Click to enlarge)

Finished the crown with two more colors of gold; medium gold shoulder band in padded satin stitch (later to be decorated); first section of blue long-and-short stitch of Mary’s robe. The gradation of the blue is finer than that of the red in Jesus’ robe because the colors were mixed in the needle: one dark strand + two medium, one medium + two light, and one light + two very pale. (The section above her elbow contains only the two darker mixes.) All the gold and blue colors are silk floss, whereas the red and white are cotton. The difference in sheen is noticeable in real life, and the smoothness and quality of the silk is just amazing. Too bad silk costs four times more than cotton, and is not available in Poland 😦 I bought my stash a few years ago (for another project of course, still unfinished) at Old Town Needlecrafts in Manassas.

(As a side note: I have been looking for 100% cotton machine thread for a while now. I went to a pasmanteria (haberdashery shop: thread/buttons etc.) last week and the lady in the shop told me that there are only FOUR COLORS of cotton machine thread even available in Poland (and not available in her shop, by the way)! The choices were polyester, polyester, or cotton embroidery floss. I think this says a lot about the state of needlecrafts over here.)

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose


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