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Ave Maris Stella: Progress Week 2

You can find the first two posts about this project here and here.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

First I drew a pencil guideline down the middle of the blank space, then filled in half with yellow, made two stem stitch lines, and filled in the rest of the space with a paler yellow.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

The darkest gold stem stitch line is worked with 3 plies of thread, the second with only 2 plies, which is why it stands out more. The white and dark blue lines on the edge are only 1 ply.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

Next I added some beads. I satin stitched over the parts of the crown where I wanted the blue beads to go, to give them a bit of background. The tiniest blue dots are French knots.

The design on the upper band was worked with two threads/needles at a time–I wanted to avoid disturbing the satin stitch underneath as much as possible, so I laid the main thread in the design over the surface of the embroidery and couched it down with a second thread.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

That technique worked pretty well on the upper band, so I decided to continue it on the sleeve band. You can see the pattern: three chain stitches, couched knot, three chain stitches. The dark gold on the inner edge is also chain stitch, filled in with Mill Hill petite glass beads.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

This is all the embroidery I could do without moving the hoop. I wanted to avoid cut seam allowances on the back where the blue fabric meets the pink, so the blue is actually doubled over and appliqued on to the pink at the horizon line (which makes three layers of fabric in the blue section). The whole fabric cut out is 18×18″.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

I drew her skirt on with pencil, and repositioned the hoop. Unfortunately I had to smash some of the embroidered sections.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

I worked the center dark blue line first, then went up, and finally down toward the center, picking the colors as I went.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

By the time I had to move the hoop again, the pencil lines on the left side of the skirt had faded, so I re-drew them with a ball point pen. The threads you see popping up out of the fabric are waiting to be carried to another section when needed. It keeps the threads handy (not tangled up in a ball with wasted thread ends) and saves time.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

I decided to work from the left edge back toward the center, in order to balance the colors more easily.

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

All finished!

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

Finished right edge…

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

Finished left edge…

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

Close up of the jewels on the sleeve band…

I used three different colors of red beads, and couched DMC gold metallic thread around them. It’s 35% polyester/65% rayon, so besides being cheap and able to pass through the fabric many times if needed, it won’t tarnish. Hooray for synthetic fibers! (Tip: buy that stuff on a spool–it won’t unravel so easily.)

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

Another close up of the beaded edge…

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

And… gold couching on the crown!

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

This is the basic sketch of what will happen to the background… of course it could always change…

Rebecca Elam--Delphina Rose

And lastly the supplies.

Mill Hill beads: 42011, 00165, 02013, 62032, 03062

Rainbow Gallery Splendor 12-ply silk floss: S1107, S1048, S908, S1091, S804, S991, S864, S882, S931, S1026

Ariadna 6-ply cotton floss (mulina): 496, 1557, 1556, 1555, 1548, 1507, 1500

DMC light gold metallic thread spool

Plastic embroidery hoop, ball point pen, scissors, size 17 silk pins (they make very small holes), size 9 between/quilting needles for couching, beading, and sewing with 1 ply, size 7 embroidery needles for gold thread and everything else.


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