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Sewing Beads Fast (ish)

Attaching beads individually takes quite a lot of time, especially if you pull the needle all the way from the front of the cloth to the back with every stitch. So when you want to go quickly, sew the beads on.

Work from right to left if you’re right-handed, and left to right if you’re left-handed.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose

Stick the needle straight down at the end of the previous stitch.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose

Under the fabric, use your left hand to move the tip of the needle until it is one bead length in front of the current bead. Push it halfway through and stop.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose

Again use your left hand to fold the fabric up until the needle is vertical.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose

With your right hand, dab into your tupperware lid of beads. Some beads should stick to your finger. Roll the extras off.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose

Put the bead on the vertical needle.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose

Unfold the fabric.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose

And pull the needle all the way through.

Rebecca Elam--delphina rose



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