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baby quilt embroidery: patch batch #2

duck duck goose embroidery-- Rebecca Górzyńska

When I was a kid, the game “duck duck goose” didn’t make much sense to me. In my mind all ducks were mallard ducks and all geese were Canada geese (which are impossible to mix up), despite seeing numerous portrayals of white geese and ducks in books and films. But it seems that there are, in fact, many many white geese and ducks in the world, and they look almost exactly the same. Especially when I try to embroider them 🙂

duck duck embroidery-- Rebecca Górzyńska

goose embroidery-- Rebecca Górzyńska

little bird embroidery-- Rebecca Górzyńska

center of embroidered baby quilt-- Rebecca Górzyńska

candylion embroidery-- Rebecca Górzyńska

Patch batch #1 is here, quilt top construction is here 🙂



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