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We spent our honeymoon in California-- the first three days in San Francisco, and the last week in Mariposa, a little town near (if 45 minutes of driving really counts as near) Yosemite National Park. We stayed at a great bed & breakfast run by a lovely couple. It was kinda hard to find, though… Continue reading Mariposa

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Stuck on the Farm

So two nights ago I couldn't sleep at all. So I got up and put a row of corn behind the barn. Then yesterday I figured, why not add a pond too? And that's all the sewing I got done for three days 😦 I can't decide which animals to put in the picture, or where. I… Continue reading Stuck on the Farm


Liam’s Quilt

I made this quilt back in November for my friend's baby. I was completely sure it would be done by the time he was born, but . . . he came early! So then of course there was no rush at all, plenty of time for it to chillax in the closet with the other… Continue reading Liam’s Quilt

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Little Farm

What little animals should live on this little farm? I am thinking sheep and a little pink pig . . . maybe even alpacas! First I sewed together the sky and the grass, then cut out the appliques backed with fusible web, ironed them on, and finished the edges with blanket stitch. It's a good… Continue reading Little Farm

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Ave Maris Stella: Clouds

I started on the clouds yesterday. They are silver-grey silk backed with fusible web. Now I am finishing the edges with beads-- Mill Hill petite glass beads color 'ice'. It's a time-consuming way to finish raw-edge applique, but I think it looks shiny! I got this far and then . . . ran out of… Continue reading Ave Maris Stella: Clouds

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Patch Batch #5: The Lord is my Shepherd

(Click to enlarge) This one was looking kinda bland, so I jazzed it up a bit with some stars and waves and shells and the like. The yellow poofy thing is supposed to be a puffer fish. Obviously. This is a pun. . . "jeż" (hedgehog) sounds like "jesz" (you are eating), therefore "hedgehog flowers"… Continue reading Patch Batch #5: The Lord is my Shepherd