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Ave Maris Stella: Progress Week 1,000,000

. . . just kidding! This project has only been around since October, and it’s spent most of that time sitting under its protective dishtowel in a heap of other unfinished projects on top of the Mountains of Boxes.

Anyway, Christmas in Poland means a lot of sitting and feasting, and sitting and feasting, and nibbling and sitting and feasting. Since we were at my in-laws’ house, I had to bring a portable project. 18×18″ is the perfect size, so Ave Maris Stella came along with me to the feast folded up in its green plastic bag. Like we do every year, we all watched Home Alone (Kevin Sam w Domu) and other ridiculously over-the-top American Christmas movies from the 90s (I can see where everyone’s stereotypes about Americans come from), and I worked on my project.

(Click photos to enlarge.)

Rebecca Górzyńska

The most notable difference here is the red line of sloppy-looking quilting going around Our Lady. I knew I might want to put some heavy beading on the top half of the project (the blue sea part is already three layers of cloth), so I basted it to a pink cotton pillowcase I had laying around. Now the whole salmon-colored sky is very heavy, thick, and stable. Not so professional from the back, but hey, it works.

Rebecca Górzyńska

There is a little silver ghosty ship to the left of her skirt, and a large circle surrounding them, visually balancing the skirt and the waves. (What do you call a gigantic halo-shape thing? Orthodox probably have a name for it.)

Rebecca Górzyńska

There are more beads in the sea.

Rebecca Górzyńska

And a super-cool silver net.

Rebecca Górzyńska

Yes, super cool.

Rebecca Górzyńska

On top of all that satin stitch of the skirt, I couched silver waves. Or tentacles. But they were supposed to be waves.

Rebecca Górzyńska

The beading makes them look even more like tentacles. Or eyes! Sigh.

Rebecca Górzyńska

Their halos are gold thread couched together with gold petite glass beads.

Rebecca Górzyńska

The gigantic all-encircling halo-shape thing is double lines of couching, both silver and gold, and some green lumps, aka pearls.

Rebecca Górzyńska

Rebecca Górzyńska

Here is the whole thing at this point. Don’t worry, it will be much shinier and sparklier when it’s done!

Can you spot the octopus?

Other posts about this project here, here, here, and here. (In that order.)


8 thoughts on “Ave Maris Stella: Progress Week 1,000,000

  1. Hi Becca, I love this piece so much please let me buy it when it’s done. Hope you, Oskar, and the baby are having a happy new year. Love, Mom

    Sandra El

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