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Patch Batch #5: The Lord is my Shepherd

baby boats embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

(Click to enlarge)

This one was looking kinda bland, so I jazzed it up a bit with some stars and waves and shells and the like. The yellow poofy thing is supposed to be a puffer fish. Obviously.

hedgehog embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

This is a pun. . . “jeż” (hedgehog) sounds like “jesz” (you are eating), therefore “hedgehog flowers” sounds like “you are eating flowers”. It’s way funny to me. “Smacznego” is Polish for “bon appetit”– which, of course, we do not usually say before eating in America! When I first came to Poland, though, my father-in-law didn’t know that and would always say “Bon appetit smacznego!” before we ate anything. (I also think this is funny.)

hot air balloon embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

you are my sunshine (new) embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

This one got updated with some more rays for the sun.

embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

The whole little section.

embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

pomegranate and heart embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

We eat as many pomegranates as we can get our hands on! I don’t know if the leaves are realistic, but they are the only sort I feel like embroidering 🙂

The Lord is my Shepherd embroidery Rebecca Górzyńska

It’s going to be an Easter baby, so I thought a cross would be appropriate. . . and some sheep of course! They are positively gambolling!


7 thoughts on “Patch Batch #5: The Lord is my Shepherd

    1. Thank you! 🙂 The more complicated shapes and words I do draw on (with pencil– it fades fast), for instance I wrote out “The Lord is my Shepherd” to gauge the letter size and make sure it would all fit. Also I drew the honeycomb for the bee.

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