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Little Farm

little farm WIP

What little animals should live on this little farm? I am thinking sheep and a little pink pig . . . maybe even alpacas!

little farm WIP

First I sewed together the sky and the grass, then cut out the appliques backed with fusible web, ironed them on, and finished the edges with blanket stitch. It’s a good technique, especially for a wall quilt like this one. The fusible web can be sewn through, but it gets a bit tough in areas with multiple layers of fabric, like the barn door.

little farm WIP

They are supposed to be apple trees, but now they look more like the Queen of Hearts’ painted rosebushes (though, you have to admit, with some splendidly thick trunks).

The sky and grass fabrics are from Cori Dantini’s line ‘The Sweet Life’. The brown, green, and red batiks were acquired for Liam’s quilt and also show up in the embroidered quilt for my baby. (I didn’t end up using the brown though.) The yellow I’ve had for ages and have used in a ton of projects! Tonal prints look boring on the shelf, but boy do they come in handy 🙂


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