Liam’s Quilt

I made this quilt back in November for my friend’s baby. I was completely sure it would be done by the time he was born, but . . . he came early! So then of course there was no rush at all, plenty of time for it to chillax in the closet with the other (finished, homeless) baby quilts . . .

. . . And I didn’t end up mailing it until this past week! Baby Liam is almost 3 months old already! (Procrastination to the max, my friends.)

IMG_7874 resized

These are the same batiks I’m using in the embroidered quilt for my baby (plus two extras, which incidentally are the same two fabrics in my Ave Maris Stella project). They are very versatile and don’t look like “baby” fabric at all (because they’re not).

IMG_7865 resized

It’s machine pieced and quilted, 100% cotton, with an embroidered label on the back. Scrap fabric is stashed behind the label.

IMG_7918 resized

IMG_7908 resized

IMG_7885 resized

IMG_7876 resized


Didn’t it look so cute folded up with a ribbon? Too bad I had to mail it squashed in a rather undignified plastic grocery bag . . . 🙂


2 thoughts on “Liam’s Quilt

    1. thanks LucyAnn! I tend to like the same tones of colors for every project, so I try to buy at least 1 yard of each fabric so I’ll have enough leftovers for other projects 🙂

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