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mariposa 3

We spent our honeymoon in California– the first three days in San Francisco, and the last week in Mariposa, a little town near (if 45 minutes of driving really counts as near) Yosemite National Park. We stayed at a great bed & breakfast run by a lovely couple. It was kinda hard to find, though . . . we drove past the “Paved Road Ends” sign at 10 pm but bravely continued on, trusting in the almighty knowledge of the GPS to get us there safely. Hahahaha. At the very end of the very unpaved road, we pulled in to someone’s yard. It was totally dark and did not look like the right place at all– there was strange junk and rusty metal things everywhere. Lucky for us, though, the man who lived in the house came out (not too thrilled with the strangers in his yard in the middle of the night) and gave us directions. Poor guy, apparently everyone’s GPS thinks his house is the bed & breakfast!

At any rate, we finally found it (there was a large, hand-drawn cardboard sign at the bottom of the long driveway) at maybe 11 pm. On the front door was a note from our hosts, telling us where our room was and that breakfast was served at 9 am in the main house. At least, we convinced ourselves the number was a “9”– no one could possibly expect us to be up for breakfast at 7, right?

. . .Wrong. Needless to say we were late 🙂 but the breakfast was to die for!

So I thought the baby should have a little “mariposa” on his/her quilt.

mariposa 7

The dark blue of the wing is applique, and the rest embroidered over it.

It’s based on a beaded keychain I got there!

keychain 2

mariposa 6


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