Fairy Tales

Fairy and Baby

(Click to enlarge) Colored pencil on mix media paper. She's my idea of a fairy godmother + guardian angel. Originally she was going to be an angel, swan wings and all, but red butterfly wings suited her better in the end. Plus I like red and green and blue 🙂 The rose leaves I drew… Continue reading Fairy and Baby

Quilts · Textile Art

Embroidered Baby Quilt Update

(Click to enlarge) My original plan was to embroider something in every 2x2" blue square and 2x4" blue rectangle. Viewed from a distance, the little pictures don't compete with the basic color scheme of the quilt at all. In fact, they kinda blend in with the busyness of the quilt itself (which is a lot busier… Continue reading Embroidered Baby Quilt Update