Oriental Poppy Quilt (5 years in the making)


I started this monstrosity back in 2009, after my first trip to Poland. I’d spotted the poppy fabric in Old Town Needlecrafts a while before. I designed the whole quilt on graph paper, using red, blue, yellow, and black to coordinate with the red field poppies on my dream fabric. Then, design in hand, I went back to the quilt shop to buy the fabric… and discovered the poppies were pink and orange! And oriental.

What to do?!

I quickly redesigned the color scheme, replacing the yellow with pale green and the red with orange. I bought the fabric, cut it out, pieced the top and… discovered that my quilt was quite garish.

So it got stuffed in a box in my sister’s closet.

Where it sat.

And sat.

And sat.

Until I moved to Poland in 2012, and my dad stuffed it in another box and sent it slow-boat-to-China (to Poland).

Of course then it was taking up space in my tiny room, so I decided to start quilting it– by hand. Did I mention it’s a huge queen-size quilt?


At any rate, I finally found time to finish it this past winter while being pregnant. I like it a lot more now that it’s done! 🙂

poppy quilt 5

poppy quilt 11

poppy quilt 12

poppy quilt 10

poppy quilt 9

poppy quilt 8

poppy quilt 7

poppy quilt 6

poppy quilt 4

poppy quilt 3

poppy quilt 1

Baby likes it too!


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