Coloring crisis! + Catholic coloring page

So this piece is going to be huge (well, huge for me)-- 16x20"... and for sure I don't want to spend precious hours smearing/smushing my precious pencils over such a large area, only to find I don't like the color scheme or, worse, find I can't do convincing faces on that scale... (The faces are… Continue reading Coloring crisis! + Catholic coloring page


Ave Maris Stella sketch, take 3

Yes, it seems like this is the only subject I draw... 🙂 The client who has commissioned this piece asked that Our Lady be standing, so voila! Playing with the idea of stone pillars & cutwork critters (fish, crab, starfish, jellyfish) at the top. 8"x11" Which version do you prefer, standing or sitting? (Older version… Continue reading Ave Maris Stella sketch, take 3