Coloring crisis! + Catholic coloring page

So this piece is going to be huge (well, huge for me)– 16×20″… and for sure I don’t want to spend precious hours smearing/smushing my precious pencils over such a large area, only to find I don’t like the color scheme or, worse, find I can’t do convincing faces on that scale… (The faces are >1″ each, despite the paper being monster.) Enter: more practice pages.

AMS color1smwm

The first is pen, colored pencil, and marker, to test skin color and faces. The next three were (sloppily) colored in Photoshop, so sloppily that I made them super tiny so you can’t see exactly how bad they look up close 🙂 Their purpose is to judge the background color effect.

Right now I am kinda leaning toward the yellow background… What do you think? How would you color this piece? Different dress color? Different sea color?

AMS 2 coloringpageblk

(Coloring page for personal use only– which means yourself, your kids, school, church, or not-for-profit organization may print & color it as much as you like. If you post your colored page on the internet, please credit “Line art by Rebecca Górzyńska” 🙂 Questions about use, email me.)


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