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Our Lady’s birthday coming on Sept 8th! + Catholic coloring pages


Child Mary coloring pages here 🙂 

The feast of the birth of the Virgin Mary is coming up next week on September 8th! I always remembered this day when I was a kid because it was the day before my best friend’s birthday 🙂

This feast is celebrated exactly nine months after the feast of her Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8th). In the Catholic calendar, only Jesus and Mary have birthdays exactly nine months after their conception, because they are the only two persons in history to be conceived without original sin. (St. John the Baptist was, according to tradition, conceived with original sin, but upon hearing the greeting of Mary to his mother Elizabeth, was then freed from it at 6 months gestation in the womb of his mother. His birthday is therefore one day short, June 24th instead of the 25th.) Being conceived without original sin does not mean, however, that Mary had no need of a Savior. God in His great mercy applied the grace that was to be gained by her son Jesus on the cross to her at the moment of her conception. (God is outside time, after all!)

Since Mary is without original sin, she is the greatest mere creature ever created. (Jesus is not a mere creature.) She was the most beautiful, most lovable, most joyful little girl that has ever existed. She also felt things much more purely and deeply than we do– so her sorrows were that much greater, and her joys were that much greater.

I like to think of Mary as a child on her birthday, wearing a special birthday dress made by her mother St. Anne, who waited for a child for so many years. Her veil is embroidered with six- and seven-point stars, symbolizing respectively that she is a daughter of the royal house of David and the perfection of God.

We see also her Immaculate Heart, burning with love for God and ringed with pure white roses. Unlike depictions of her heart as a woman, however, the seven swords (symbolizing her seven sorrows) are not yet there.

Here is an excellent lecture, long but very worth while, on Our Lady of Sorrows (which is also coming up on Sept. 12!)– explaining in depth the perfections of her soul and the graces God bestowed on her:

Here is a lovely little novena to Maria Bambina from which I took the following prayer:

And, finally, a novena for marriage and family is beginning today:

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8 thoughts on “Our Lady’s birthday coming on Sept 8th! + Catholic coloring pages

  1. Very beautiful, Becca. Thanks for all the background information about the Virgin Mary. By the way, September 8th is also the day that your brother Ryan’s life was saved through emergency surgery at Children’s Hospital when he was a newborn.

      1. Yes, the fact that Ryan’s life-saving surgery was held on September 8th is particularly significant. That was one of three signs sent to me that the Virgin Mary heard my pleas after I begged her to intercede with God to save Ryan’s life.

  2. The picture is so beautiful, as is the prayer, and now that I read further I also want to add, the comments are beautiful as well! Mary is the best!

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