‘Caritas Abundat’ (‘Love Abounds’) Hildegard of Bingen — Catholic Coloring Page

PDF page one  -  PDF page two Here's something a bit different — a set of calligraphy coloring pages. The text is an English translation of the words of an antiphon written by Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th-century Benedictine abbess, polymath, Christian mystic, and recently-canonized Saint and the fourth female Doctor of the Church. (Amazing right?!) I… Continue reading ‘Caritas Abundat’ (‘Love Abounds’) Hildegard of Bingen — Catholic Coloring Page


May Queen — Catholic Coloring Page

Just a short explanation to go with this coloring page — I thought I'd better post it in May before it becomes irrelevant for another year — "Mary, Queen of May". It is my belief that Our Lady should be the most beautiful "princess" out there to color. When I was a kid I was disappointed that she… Continue reading May Queen — Catholic Coloring Page


Our Lady of Fatima — Catholic Coloring Page

Our Lady of Fatima coloring page here 🙂 So this Saturday, May 13th, marks the 100th anniversary of the first appearance of Our Lady at Fatima, one of the most well-known Marian apparitions ever. Although it is "private revelation" (Catholics are not required to believe it), Our Lady included a message and a warning for the… Continue reading Our Lady of Fatima — Catholic Coloring Page

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Nielsen & Rackham: fairy tale coloring pages

PDF: Nielsen EastWest wmlg PDF: Rackham tree wmlg Drawn from paintings by Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham, respectively. (So the creepy tree-man was not my idea.)   Feel free to print copies of these coloring pages for your kids, class, or self… just please don’t repost it on the internet, remove my name, sell, etc. Link to… Continue reading Nielsen & Rackham: fairy tale coloring pages

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Rapunzel Quilt

There is a new category on the menu: Projects! I am adding portfolios of my bigger projects under the heading "All Projects" so that all progress and photos related to them is easy to find. The first project I've added is the Rapunzel Quilt, started in 2009 and still a work in progress. To see… Continue reading Rapunzel Quilt


Annunciation — Catholic Coloring Page

Annunciation coloring page here 🙂 Well, that was a long break for those of you that follow this blog . . . There's no major news — I've just been plodding along at a big new project (I am on Hexipuff #118 of the Beekeeper's Quilt . . . out of 400 or so, LOL),… Continue reading Annunciation — Catholic Coloring Page