Annunciation — Catholic Coloring Page

Well, that was a long break for those of you that follow this blog . . .

There’s no major news — I’ve just been plodding along at a big new project (I am on Hexipuff #118 of the Beekeeper’s Quilt . . . out of 400 or so, LOL), and have finished a few small projects (new curtains, throw pillows, baby dresses, etc.), forgotten to post several coloring pages (I was saving an Annunciation one for the Feast of the Annunciation — whoops, that was March 25th), and my latest portraits! (“Latest” as in “finished before last Christmas” 🙂 )

I also fixed my camera yesterday. It was “broken” because I dropped it on the floor, causing part of the top to pop out and get jammed open. After letting it sit in the drawer for six months, I pried it open a bit more with a flat-edged screwdriver and the top popped right back in. Yay!  I was ready to take more photos . . . only to be greeted by a doleful “Memory Card Error” when I turned it on. But that was easy to fix — after a quick consultation with Google, I reformatted the card. (Which entails just navigating the camera’s menu until you find “format”.) All’s well that ends well.

So my plan is to *try* to post all the unposted stuff. Hopefully someone will find it useful/helpful/inspiring!

Here’s the Annunciation coloring page. I am not quite happy with Gabriel — the flaming hair was not my best idea ever — but that’s okay. Maybe next time he can have Botticelli hair 😉

Ave Maria
The Annunciation

As always, feel free to print copies of this coloring page for your kids, class, or self… just please don’t repost it on the internet, remove my name, sell, etc.🙂

Link to this page, and give credit if you post your colored version, thanks!

All coloring pages on this page.

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