Annunciation — Catholic Coloring Page

Annunciation coloring page here 🙂

Well, that was a long break for those of you that follow this blog . . .

There’s no major news — I’ve just been plodding along at a big new project (I am on Hexipuff #118 of the Beekeeper’s Quilt . . . out of 400 or so, LOL), and have finished a few small projects (new curtains, throw pillows, baby dresses, etc.), forgotten to post several coloring pages (I was saving an Annunciation one for the Feast of the Annunciation — whoops, that was March 25th), and my latest portraits! (“Latest” as in “finished before last Christmas” 🙂 )

I also fixed my camera yesterday. It was “broken” because I dropped it on the floor, causing part of the top to pop out and get jammed open. After letting it sit in the drawer for six months, I pried it open a bit more with a flat-edged screwdriver and the top popped right back in. Yay!  I was ready to take more photos . . . only to be greeted by a doleful “Memory Card Error” when I turned it on. But that was easy to fix — after a quick consultation with Google, I reformatted the card. (Which entails just navigating the camera’s menu until you find “format”.) All’s well that ends well.

So my plan is to *try* to post all the unposted stuff. Hopefully someone will find it useful/helpful/inspiring!

Here’s the Annunciation coloring page. I am not quite happy with Gabriel — the flaming hair was not my best idea ever — but that’s okay. Maybe next time he can have Botticelli hair 😉



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