May Queen — Catholic Coloring Page

Just a short explanation to go with this coloring page — I thought I’d better post it in May before it becomes irrelevant for another year — “Mary, Queen of May”.

It is my belief that Our Lady should be the most beautiful “princess” out there to color. When I was a kid I was disappointed that she always wore the same boring high-necked, long-sleeved bag dress, and usually had a dull face. Not really radiantly beautiful. She is the Queen of Heaven, for goodness’ sake! Make her at least as attractive as Cinderella or Ariel! (Although, you have to admit, it is hard to compete with a mermaid. 😉 )

So I made a little doodle of Mary, Queen of the May. Not my best anatomically, but she does have a pretty face 🙂 Enjoy!

May Queen coloring page here 🙂

May Queensmwm

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One thought on “May Queen — Catholic Coloring Page

  1. I agree that Mary should be more beautiful than all the princesses! What a lovely sentiment, Becca.

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