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“Swans” beaded, embroidered applique

This is an old piece from - maybe - 2007. It was on a vest but is now finished in a hoop 🙂 Being auctioned on Instagram through Sunday, April 8th, 3 pm EST. Swans hand-appliqued, embroidered and beaded on turquoise blue silk. 10.5" wooden hoop, backed with felt. Ready to hang, as pictured.

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Queen of Heaven: Translation + Coloring Book

Hi y'all! I have begun a new project: translating and making coloring pages of a WHOLE BOOK! The book is Królowa Niebios: Legendy Matce Boskiej by Marian Gawalewicz, with illustrations by the famous Cracovian painter Piotr Stachiewicz, first published in 1894. At the beginning, I will be releasing chapters and their accompanying illustrations here on… Continue reading Queen of Heaven: Translation + Coloring Book

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Nielsen & Rackham: fairy tale coloring pages

PDF: Nielsen EastWest wmlg PDF: Rackham tree wmlg Drawn from paintings by Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham, respectively. (So the creepy tree-man was not my idea.)   Feel free to print copies of these coloring pages for your kids, class, or self… just please don’t repost it on the internet, remove my name, sell, etc. Link to… Continue reading Nielsen & Rackham: fairy tale coloring pages

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Rapunzel Quilt

There is a new category on the menu: Projects! I am adding portfolios of my bigger projects under the heading "All Projects" so that all progress and photos related to them is easy to find. The first project I've added is the Rapunzel Quilt, started in 2009 and still a work in progress. To see… Continue reading Rapunzel Quilt

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Fairy and Baby

(Click to enlarge) Colored pencil on mix media paper. She's my idea of a fairy godmother + guardian angel. Originally she was going to be an angel, swan wings and all, but red butterfly wings suited her better in the end. Plus I like red and green and blue 🙂 The rose leaves I drew… Continue reading Fairy and Baby

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Snow White: the Soul

Obviously this art looks pretty strange without any explanation... I have written about it here. In short, it is Snow White being tempted with a poison apple. This is my second digital painting effort, painted in Photoshop from this earlier colored pencil drawing: