Pickle soup (Zupa ogórkowa)

This is, and has always been, my favorite Polish soup. Literally, "Zupa ogórkowa" is "Cucumber soup," but if you make it with plain old cucumbers it will be bland and disappointing (personal experience). This stuff should be sour. You will either love it or hate it! This is the way I make it. No photos--it's all… Continue reading Pickle soup (Zupa ogórkowa)


Carrot gingerbread (Piernik marchwiowy)

So I've basically reached the point in my Polish-comprehension skills where I can follow recipes without any trouble (except for figuring out how many cups of flour 75 dag is!). Today I cracked open Polska: Kuchnia Regionalna by Maja Bartczak (which I've had since 2011) and looked for a recipe to use up the extra carrots… Continue reading Carrot gingerbread (Piernik marchwiowy)