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Forest Mobile Tutorial

Supplies: ~1/3 yard green fabric: polyester satin, silk, or cotton. I used polyester satin and dupioni silk. Any smooth, woven fabric can work as long as it can be ironed on cotton setting or higher (i.e. no acetate, or you'll have a melted, burned, stinky, gross mess). ~1/3 yard double-sided interfacing, the sort with glue… Continue reading Forest Mobile Tutorial

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Fabric & Wire Butterfly: Tutorial

Tutorial for personal/educational use only. You may sell items made from this tutorial, but not the tutorial itself. Please do not republish this content on any other site without specific permission from me. Linking directly to this page using one of my images is okay. Thanks! 🙂 Rebecca  


Bias Tape Tutorial

Bias tape is a long, thin cloth made by piecing diagonally-cut strips. It's best for binding, well, anything, but mostly quilts. It is desirable because: 1. It can stretch nicely around curves. 2. The edge is durable since it is made of criss-crossing threads. Bindings cut straight (horizontally or vertically), although more economical of time and fabric,… Continue reading Bias Tape Tutorial

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How to put together a 484-piece quilt top (without going insane)

So, you've decided to make a quilt. Maybe a friend is having a new baby soon. Maybe you want to use up some of that fabric stashed in your closet(s). Maybe you are bored and feel like torturing yourself with some geometrically precise and time-consuming arts & crafts. Or maybe making that other quilt for your friend's baby… Continue reading How to put together a 484-piece quilt top (without going insane)

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Sewing Beads Fast (ish)

Attaching beads individually takes quite a lot of time, especially if you pull the needle all the way from the front of the cloth to the back with every stitch. So when you want to go quickly, sew the beads on. Work from right to left if you're right-handed, and left to right if you're left-handed.… Continue reading Sewing Beads Fast (ish)