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St. Joan of Arc – Feast Day May 30 + Catholic Coloring Page

Joan of Arc Digital Art No Name smwmJoan of Arc Coloring Page smwm

I chose Joan of Arc (feast day May 30) as my confirmation saint many years ago. Last year I made a coloring page of her, based on a painting by Albert Lynch, and also finished my drawing in pen. Although I chose her because she is inspirational and “cool”, I never really could relate to her – I don’t regard myself as brave, never wanted to be a soldier or a peasant (lol), have already lived past the age of nineteen, and have no desire to be martyred (especially not burned at the stake!). As a result I’ve often wished I had chosen a different confirmation saint more suited to my personality and interests (someone tame who liked sewing? that’s who I was thinking of when I named this blog), since she’s the only “official” patron I’ve got (I don’t really associate myself with a particular patron saint based on my name – not that I couldn’t, I just don’t). But now my imminent hospitalization with the babies is looming – which will be medical jail regardless of whether the outcome is joyful, tragic, or a mix of both – until delivery, and she is such a fit patroness for me in this difficulty. Doing hard things with courage, not because you’re naturally brave or gifted at them, but because that’s what God has called you to do in your life.

(For anyone out of the loop, I am expecting natural fraternal triplets – due mid-September – but will be lucky to carry them past 28 weeks because of their worsening health problems. I expect to be hospitalized very soon.)

You can find the Joan of Arc coloring page here, and it will also be sent as a thank-you to everyone who orders from my shop for the rest of 2018 ❤




2 thoughts on “St. Joan of Arc – Feast Day May 30 + Catholic Coloring Page

  1. I’ve been thinking of your and praying for you every day. St. Joan certainly is praying for your during this unfair and difficult trial.

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