About me

Hello All!

My name is not Delphina, or Rose, for that matter; it’s actually Rebecca! I picked those names for very intriguing reasons: the first is for Blessed Delphina, and the second is for St Rose of Lima, patroness of embroiderers. (In retrospect, I would not choose Rose of Lima, as she is one of the most extreme mystics ever, and mysticism confounds me. Once I process my thoughts on her, I will write something, but not yet.)

I do mostly Catholic art – I am particularly interested in saints as a cultural phenomenon, focusing on either legendary saints popular in the Middle Ages, such as the 11,000 Virgins, or more obscure, modern saints such as St. Josephine Bakhita. I read ridiculously scholarly books on the topic for fun 😉 In addition to various sewing projects and embroidery, I do watercolor and colored pencil paintings, and make Catholic coloring pages (my own design, or based on medieval/Renaissance art).

I am most active on Instagram, where you can find me @delphina_rose

My shop is Delphina Rose Art on Etsy 🙂

My singing is here on YouTube.

If you are interested in one of the pieces on my blog, or would like to commission something unique, just drop me a line at rebeccagorzynska (at) gmail.com!


me jumping in Goreme, Turkey delphina rose | paper and cloth


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