About me

Hello All!


My name is not Delphina, or Rose, for that matter; it’s actually Rebecca! I picked those names for very intriguing reasons, one of which you can read about here.

I started drawing with colored pencils in middle school (every single character from The Lord of the Rings was drawn at least once), inspired by my friend Katie. I wish I could paint with watercolors, but alas.

When I was sixteen, I began embroidery in earnest after I got my first job at the fabric store near my house. At first I embroidered with plain old DMC cotton on white cotton fabric on a little purple plastic hoop; then I graduated to a slightly larger, pale blue hoop; then I ditched the hoop and the boring white fabric altogether and decorated all sorts of polyester-something fabric with beads and embroidery (and the beginnings of applique!).

While getting a degree in music, I met my Polish boyfriend; and after I graduated and worked for a bit, I moved to Poland, where I taught kids ESL for a couple of years. We have since gotten married and I am focusing on art full-time (LOL) doing art while the baby naps!  (… if the laundry and dishes are done, that is.) 🙂

If you are interested in one of the pieces on my blog, or would like to commission something unique, just drop me a line at rebeccagorzynska (at) gmail.com!


me jumping in Goreme, Turkey delphina rose | paper and cloth


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