Rapunzel Quilt

Rapunzel Quilt, 2009 — present (unfinished); 3 ft x 3 ft. Techniques: hand applique, embroidery, machine topstitch.

Goals for this project:

  • Applique/embroider Rapunzel into that darn tower! I hesitated to do this for years because I didn’t want to ruin the project by plastering a badly-done princess onto my lovely, time-consuming quilt. Making good-looking embroidered faces is HARD! (Looking at you, kooky medieval vestments. Yes, I know, kooky medieval vestment faces are amazing, just not on my quilt.) I have attempted faces a few times, in plain embroidery (Tristram and Isolde), and more recently in applique with embroidered facial features (Ave Maris Stella), which is easier and looks cleaner.
  • Add more vegetation, including vines on the tower, more grass, more flowers, more strawberries, more leaves, needles on the pine trees.
  • Finish outlining major elements in black.
  • Add more gnomes? More butterflies? Some bumblebees? Should we give Rapunzel a cat? A prince somewhere off in the distance?
  • Batting, backing, and binding.

Hopefully this will be done before another 8 years fly by 🙂

(Click to enlarge)



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