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Fabric & Wire Butterfly: Tutorial

Tutorial for personal/educational use only. You may sell items made from this tutorial, but not the tutorial itself. Please do not republish this content on any other site without specific permission from me. Linking directly to this page using one of my images is okay. Thanks! 🙂 Rebecca  

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Rapunzel Quilt

There is a new category on the menu: Projects! I am adding portfolios of my bigger projects under the heading "All Projects" so that all progress and photos related to them is easy to find. The first project I've added is the Rapunzel Quilt, started in 2009 and still a work in progress. To see… Continue reading Rapunzel Quilt

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Embroidered Baby Quilt Update

(Click to enlarge) My original plan was to embroider something in every 2x2" blue square and 2x4" blue rectangle. Viewed from a distance, the little pictures don't compete with the basic color scheme of the quilt at all. In fact, they kinda blend in with the busyness of the quilt itself (which is a lot busier… Continue reading Embroidered Baby Quilt Update

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We spent our honeymoon in California-- the first three days in San Francisco, and the last week in Mariposa, a little town near (if 45 minutes of driving really counts as near) Yosemite National Park. We stayed at a great bed & breakfast run by a lovely couple. It was kinda hard to find, though… Continue reading Mariposa

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Stuck on the Farm

So two nights ago I couldn't sleep at all. So I got up and put a row of corn behind the barn. Then yesterday I figured, why not add a pond too? And that's all the sewing I got done for three days 😦 I can't decide which animals to put in the picture, or where. I… Continue reading Stuck on the Farm

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Little Farm

What little animals should live on this little farm? I am thinking sheep and a little pink pig . . . maybe even alpacas! First I sewed together the sky and the grass, then cut out the appliques backed with fusible web, ironed them on, and finished the edges with blanket stitch. It's a good… Continue reading Little Farm